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We are a hemp seed supplier for Europe and the USA.

CBD.COM.UA is not the first exporter of hemp seeds to Europe and the USA. We are professionals in communication between the manufacturer and the Client. And we are the first to carefully work out the supply chain from the warehouse to the importer, while observing all applicable standards and directives of the Law. All transport and financial transactions are carried out through the customs broker.

We are ready to conduct open activities and provide the investor with all financial indicators, economic data, technical developments and the scientific base of intelligent people who are ready to work and develop. Therefore, we tell everyone that we are open to investors and partners. We say that all investments will have transparency and openness, conducting mutually beneficial settlements taking into account a distributed financial database - the blockchain.

  • Financial transparency

    We offer investors a financial transport program in which all expenses and income will be recorded on the blockchain, which will allow all participants of the business processor to be transparent.

  • Regulation

    The cultivation, storage and transportation of hemp seeds is completely legal in Ukraine, which allows you to conduct a transparent business with the end customer and provide all permissions.

  • Supply Export

    Cannabis marijuana seeds are exported within the framework of current norms and rules both from Ukraine and from the importer. All operations are conducted through an international customs broker.


Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil and Hemp Oil Tincture Products

CBD-based products have a mixed legal assessment today. But, we are sure that soon the range of products will be an excellent market for Ukraine. Therefore, we offer special distribution conditions for suppliers of CBD products.


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Resolving the issue with synchronization in old version

Cannabis seeds: Glessia fiber 32% (generation 1) - $4.09 / per kg

Look for the latest update in coming days

Cannabis seeds: Glyana fiber 30% (generation 1) - $3.87 / per kg

The meeting of developers of cross-platform apps

Cannabis seeds: Glukhovsky 51 (fiber 39%, gen E) - $4.16 / per kg

The new functional sketches

Cannabis seeds: Glyana fiber 28% (generation 2) - $3.45 / per kg



All seeds are ready for export. For each country, we prepare a separate package of documents.

All hemp seeds have 0% THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). The fiber content is from 28 to 39 percent depending on the variety. The growing season is from 115 to 125 days.

You can obtain detailed information about hemp seeds from our catalog.



Export of hemp seeds from Ukraine

We are ready for dialogue! We are ready to open up to you in order to cooperate. We are located in Ukraine and our market is weak, but we can grow hemp with decent ginetics. Email us with any suggestions.


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